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Master Class by 川口千里 Senri Kawaguchi

Born on January 8,1997 in Aichi Prefecture Japan, Senri Kawaguch started playing drums at the age of 5. She studied under Kozo Suganuma, known as "TE-KA-ZU-OH” (The King of Many Strokes), from the age of 8. Her drumming is garnering attention around the world and her videos on YouTube have gathered over 40 billion views. She is known as "TEKAZUHIME" 手数姫 (The Princess of Many Strokes). in Japan. She was featured in, the world famous drummer website, as one of the world’s Top 500 drummers.

In September of 2017 her appeared as a recording member in Tokyo jazz. In December She played with David Sanborn at Blue Note Tokyo and was the cover of the American drum magazine "DRUMHEAD MAGAZINE" and  featured over 18 pages.

如果選擇以Bank-in 方法繳交報名費用, 請參照以下資料:
Please find the Information for Bank-in as below:
Bank 銀行: Bank of China (Hong Kong)
Account number 賬戶號碼: 012-692-0-010850-9
Account Holder 賬戶名稱: Hong Kong International Drummer Festival