International Drum Coach 2019/2020

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Jeff Queen

Jeff began his drum corps career with the Canton Bluecoats and continued on to march with the Velvet Knights, Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Knights and the University of North Texas. Jeff was the Drum Corps International Individual and Ensemble Snare Drum Champion in 1994 and 1995 as well as the Percussive Arts Society Individual Snare Drum Champion in 1994 and 1995.  Jeff has taught in the drum corps activity for over 18 years, including being the caption head for the Carolina Crown drum and bugle corps from 2003-04, percussion arranger for the Colts Drum and Bugle corps for 2007-08. 

來自美國波士頓鼓手Jeff Queen,佢15歲嘅時候已入選為世界有名的Canton Bluecoats drumine,開始左佢嘅鼓隊生涯。他在1994同1995年連續兩屆獲得國際個人冠軍,樂隊小軍鼓冠軍,同埋打擊樂學會個人小軍鼓冠軍。是具相當豐富的演出,評委和教學經驗的世界著名打擊樂手。

Brandon Olander 

Brandon Olander plays snare drum for the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps within Drum Corps International (DCI) and is the drummer for Warpstar. He began playing at age 10, and by 12, was a household name in the drum and bugle corps community when a video of him playing with the Blue Devils drumline went viral. At 16, he became one of the youngest snare drummers ever to join the Blue Devils, and the following year, became one of the youngest DCI Snare Drum Solo Champions. 

來自美國亞利桑那州圖森鼓手Brandon Olander,佢係世界著名嘅打擊樂手,專門研究drumset 同軍鼓的基礎訓練。佢係16歲嘅時候被選入Blue Devils鼓隊,成為當中最年輕嘅小軍鼓鼓手。佢係17歲嘅時候更成為最年輕嘅DCI 小軍鼓獨奏冠軍。

Malik Dope

Malik Stewart aka “Malik DOPE” is a Washington, D.C. Native from the Uptown area. He has participated in numerous events & live street performances all around the DMV and other major cities, states & countries such as New York, California, Atlanta, New Orleans, Virginia Beach, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, Jamaica, South Africa, China and more.  

來自美國華盛頓的 Malik Dope,他是街頭表演的表表者,在紐約、加利福尼亞、亞特蘭大、波士頓、南非等地方被受歡迎,上年他更參加了《美國達人秀America’s Got Talent》節目,大受評判團一致好評。

Arts go digital Drum Coach 2020/2021

Nate Wong


is a Hong Kong native who grew up in the United States. Nate graduated from Berklee College of Music and is now based in Hong Kong and tours internationally with a variety of bands.


Nate is a versatile cross over musician best known for his ability to fit seamlessly in many musical situations and feels equally at home performing in concert halls with Dock in Absolute, rock festivals with Nowhere Boys, arenas with Sammi Cheng or jazz clubs with Wong Way Down. As a sideman Nate has performed with dozens of projects all over the World. 

Nate has performed at venues such as Wembley Arena, Graceland Theatres, Tokyo Jazz Festival, Hong Kong Jazz Festival, Alpha Jazz Festival, GZ Opera House, HK Coliseum and many others.




Samuel Chan

  • studied at the New England Conservatory of Music (Bachelor, 2015) and The Juilliard School with Daniel Druckman, Markus Rhoten, Greg Zuber (Master, 2017); currently Colburn School with Ted Atkatz

  • 2nd prize Percussive Arts Society Solo Artist Competition (2017); 1st prize Percussive Arts Society International Solo Percussion (2015); 1st prize 2nd Great Plains International Marimba Competition (2014) among others

  • performed in the Juilliard Orchestra and as a soloist in the Percussion Arts Society International Convention, with the Hong Kong Young Musicians’ Wind Orchestra and Houston Symphony among others

  • currently performs with Hong Kong Sinfonietta, the Debut Chamber Orchestra and the Colburn Orchestra



Lau Chi-ho

  • Lau graduated at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Bachelor degree (BMus) in composition and Continue to study at Berklee College of Music

  • . Lau had given various musical styles of performances, lecture and master classes in many institutes, events as guest drummer or Educators. Lau studies with Billy Cobham, Thomas Lang, Benny Greb, Russ Miller, Peter Erskine, Jim Payne, Rod Morgenstein, Yoron Israel and Jeff Queen. 

  • Lau is currently the Ambassador of Trinity Collage London (Hong Kong) Rock & Pop, Artist and of Hong Kong International Drummer Festival, Member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH) and Hong Kong Composer’s Guild 

  • Lau proudly endorse Meinl Cymbals , Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Roland V Drum, Evans Drumheads, Sound wave master practice pad.



Choy Lap-tak

 is currently a tutor in Western Percussion and adviser to the Academy Percussion Ensemble at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He graduated from the Academy in 1996 with Distinction, majoring in Western Percussion under Dr Lung Heung-wing. He was awarded a Jockey Club scholarship the same year to further his studies at the Royal Northern College of Music in the UK.


Choy has been a guest timpani player and percussionist with many professional orchestras such as the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Hong Kong Sinfonietta, the Macao Orchestra and the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra. Concurrently, he was the drum kit player in several musicals, including Cats and Field of Dreams – A Musical and more. He was also engaged to perform timpani and percussion concertos in concerts around the world, having appeared in the Sydney Opera House and venues in Beijing, Singapore and South Korea.


Choy was the Hong Kong Consultant in Drum Kit for grade examinations of the Trinity College London and Guildhall School of Music and Drama of the UK. He is also the endorser of Zildjian Cymbal, Latin Percussion and Elite Mallets, the last of which has even developed his signature series of timpani mallets.



Lawrence Tsui



2000及2001年度全港公開樂隊比賽Asian Beat,兩度獲得"最佳鼓手"獎項。大學畢業後成為全職鼓手,曾合作之歌手、參與過的大型演唱會和音樂會多不勝數,曾為內地著名電視音樂節目《蒙面唱將猜猜猜》、《明日之子》擔任鼓手,每集觀看人數高達1億。 Lawrence的個人樂隊SIU2亦經常到世界各地之音樂節演出,其中包括英國,德國,捷克,法國,波蘭,澳洲,韓國及東南亞等;

2012年創辦GIG STUDIO,全中國首間提供一站式網上錄鼓服務的錄音室,為中港台華語流行歌曲錄音達一千首外,亦參與電影配樂作品包括《星球大戰外傳:俠盜一號》宣傳曲、《西遊降妖篇》、《美人魚》、《賭城風雲3》、《危城》、《湄公河行動》、《特工爺爺》、《追龍》、《悟空傳》、《撒驕女人最好命》等超過廿部電影,同時也為不同歌手,樂隊及音樂專輯製作上擔任監製。




Drums N Move Since 2017

Drum Coach and Body Movement Coach

Felix Leung

Leung graduated from Shue Yan University in counseling and psychology. During his studies, he was enlightened and taught by the famous drummer Simon Tusi. He became more and more passionate about music. After graduating from his master's degree, he decided to embark on the road of music and become a full-time drummer. Later, I was fortunate to learn from the jazz master Ze Eduardo, with guitarist Liang Zhenyu and double bassist Lin Zelong to form the jazz orchestra Jazz Roaster, performing in different places and dedicated to promoting jazz locally.

梁氏畢業於樹仁大學輔導及心理學,在學期間深受著名鼓手徐世興老師啟蒙和教導,對音樂熱情越來越濃厚,碩士畢業後決定踏上音樂路成為全職鼓手。 後來有幸師承爵士樂大師澤•伊度亞度(Ze Eduardo),與結他手梁震宇和低音大提琴手林澤龍組成爵士樂樂團Jazz Roaster,於不同地方演出及致力在本地推廣爵士樂。

Kevin Chow Wai Ting  


Chow Wai Ting Kevin is a student from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where he majored in Chinese Percussion under Yim Hok-man and minored in Western Percussion under Choy Lap-tak. He had attended masterclass with many famous players such as Li Biao, Simon Chui and Jojo mayer.


Chow is an drummer who has performed in various music festivals and tours in different cities, for example Shanghai, Kunming, Taipei etc. 


Chow is an instructor of Chinese percussion ensembles in different primary schools. Moreover, he has worked as a part-time tutor in many schools in Hong Kong. He is also freelance musician with the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble, and a part-time instructor of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Junior Chinese Music Ensemble.







周氏現為竹韻小集特約樂師、 聯合醫院賽馬會耀晴成長中心導師、香港演藝學院青少年中樂團助理。

Anna Chan Ka Yee

  • Enthusiastic in drumming education and music sharing, as I believe music could bring happiness, confidence and mental healing for everyone.

  • Several years of teaching experience in Individual and group lessons at schools, community center and private institute.

  • Obtained a grade 8 drum kit certificate from Rockschool

  • A graduate of Master of Arts in Communication of Baptist University.

  • Made use of the opportunity during a visit in Berlin, Germany to learn drums from a British session drummer.

  • A student of a famous Hong Kong drummer – Mr. Simon Chui

  • Able to teach in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.


  • 熱愛爵士鼓教學,喜愛音樂分享,深信音樂能為人帶來喜樂、自信及精神治癒。

  • 在學校、社區中心及私人機構,有多年兒童及成人教學經驗,包括單對單及小班教學。

  • 考獲Rockschool 8 級爵士鼓證書。

  • 學歷為香港浸會大學傳理學碩士。

  • 曾於到訪德國柏林期間受英國錄音室鼓手指導。

  • 師從香港著名鼓手徐世興先生。

  • 能夠以廣東話、英文或普通話授課。

Sammy Tang 


Sammy Tang had been educated by Master Drummers from HK, Taiwan and the US.


Being the founder of Hong Kong Drum Studio, he devotes himself into drum education. And as a member of parenthood, he believes children create the future out of our imagination. Therefore, the earlier the children get immersed into music, the more the potential they possess. He then recently established “Kid Stars Drumming Course” to execute the plan. Over a decade, he has been revising his teaching system and modules. He often conducts seminars and workshops to show the public the drum language and its application. His students are not bounded by any criteria. He has rich experience in teaching people with special needs.

In distinction to education, he attends innumerable performances with artists, singers, big bands, international musicians on TV shows and banquets.


鄧凱傑(Sammy Tang) 師隨港、台、美多位著名大師習鼓。


Sammy 是「香港鼓樂中心」的始創人,對爵士鼓教學充滿熱誠!作為一位爸爸,他深信孩子就是未來的棟樑,而且孩子自幼得到音樂的薰陶,對於將來在音樂上的發展有莫大幫助 ,所以近年創立「明日之星幼兒爵士鼓課程」,為幼兒及兒童爵士鼓教育出一分力。在他十多年的教學資歷中,不斷研發有系統的學習教程,亦舉行多次講座,讓對爵士鼓有興趣的朋友,更了解“爵士鼓的語言”運用,學生遍及3歲至百歲,當中亦有豐富經驗教授有特殊教育需要的人仕。 



Box Sum Ka Ho 


Timothy is a holder of the ABRSM 8 percussion certificate and obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He has been learning percussion since secondary school and actively participated in numerous band rehearsals and performances.  

Timothy has various types of experience like orchestra, wind band and marching band. He was a member of the marching band The Pegasus Vanguard and is now an active member in the wind band Shinywinds, participating in numerous performance and competitions. He is also as a freelance percussionist and performs in various musical shows.  

Timothy is currently working as a percussion instructor for local primary and secondary schools and studying my second degree in Hong Kong Baptist University.


沈氏畢業於香港科技大學,自中學開始接觸敲擊樂,先後跟隨本地敲擊樂手Eyo Li 及Karina Yau 學習步操敲擊及敲擊樂,並參與樂團練習及演出。及後加入步操樂團:The Pegasus Vanguard 及管樂團: Shinywinds 參與各類型演出及比賽,亦以自由敲擊樂手身份參與表演,擁有管弦樂團、管樂團、步操樂團,敲擊樂團等各種演出經驗。現為本地中小學敲擊樂導師及浸會大學音樂系學生,跟隨香港管弦樂團敲擊樂手Sophia Woo學習敲擊樂。

Saturnino Tiamson

Saturnino “ Satur ” Tiamson, Jr., hailed by Time Out Magazine as one of the Top 20 Musicians in Hong Kong in 2008, and TEDx Hong Kong presenter in 2016


As a session musician he has played for performing groups and entertainment companies such as Atlantis Theatrical Entertainment Group (top theatre company in Manila), HK 3 Arts Musical Institute, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts School of Drama, Syzygy (jazz band), Helium3 (rock band), William Elvin & The Circus Tour, Gip Percussion Ensemble and among others. In 2018 he was featured as guest solo drummer with the Hong Kong Metropolitan Pop Orchestra and guest percussion artist at the first Asian Percussion Series held in Hong Kong in 2019. 


He also performed as drummer and band leader in HK Disneyland Band (2005-2015), former Percussionist of the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. Former Principal percussionist of the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Metro Manila Community Orchestra and guest musician at the San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra. He was the Timpanist of the Southeast Asian Wind Ensemble in Thailand (2003) and toured in Asia with the Asian Youth Orchestra (2001 & 2004). 


In 2016, he won multi- gold medals and awarded Senior Division Overall Champion in the instrument jazz category in the 20th Annual World Champions of Performing Arts in USA. At the same year, he bagged the 2nd prize for the Drum Set Category during the 14th edition of Italy Percussion Competition by Italy Percussive Arts Society. That same year, he was chosen by JCI Philippines as one of The Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines for Arts in Music.  Recently he received a Certificate of Recognition with Excellent rating from the US Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps virtual solo and ensemble festival. 


He finished a Diploma course in percussion at the University of the Philippines College of Music and Bachelor of Music for Percussion Performance at St Paul University, Manila. His continuing quest for excellence also earned him the Specialist Drums Certificate with Berklee College of Music Online with Celebrity Scholarship Award. He also earned Distinction in ABRSM Percussion and Rockschool Drum exams. Currently, his finishing his Masters of Music in Percussion Performance at St Paul University Conservatory of Music. 


He conducts percussion and drumset workshops in Asian countries. Sharing his time and resources to promote music among the young and OFWs earned him the Bagong Bayani (modern-day hero) Award for Culture and the Arts in 2014, ABS-CBN Gawad Geny Lopez Jr. Bayaning Pilipino (Filipino hero) Award for Asia Pacific in 2015, UPAA Distinguished Alumnus Award for Culture and the Arts in 2018 and Presidential Award in 2018 conferred by the President of the Philippines. 


Tiamson is currently teaching drums and percussion at Harrow International School Hong Kong, The ISF Academy, United Christian Music Academy and Initial- P Percussion Studio. He also teaches snare drum at Hong Kong International Drummer Festival and an active online drum teacher since 2011. 


He is Zildjian and Prologix drum pad Artist. Saturn is a member of Percussive Arts Society World Percussion Committee, Liaison to International Committee and President of Percussive Arts Society Philippines.


Jeff Leung Ka Kit 

entered the world of marching percussion in 2007, at the age of thirteen, with his school marching band. As a section leader, he helped to design the drill and visual movement for drumline and won different awards of Drumline Battle in the local competition. In 2009-2010, He joined Hong Kong Youth Marching Band to perform in many places such as local show performance in the plaza, parades, Macau and Thailand.


After graduated, Jeff participated a Taiwan Drum Corps summer camp in 2015 and coached by Takayuki Nakabe, a famous marching snare player in Japan. Jeff also was a part of The Pegasus Vanguard in 2015-2016. In 2016, Jeff and his team got a chance to join DCI Drumline Battle in USA and won the champion in the international division.


Jeff continued to learn marching tenors in The Tenth Indoor Drumline in 2017. After that he was successful to be a marching tenors player in Blue Knights Percussion Ensemble through the audition in Colorado, USA. He was honoured to perform in 2018 WGI championships and the program coached by different experienced DCI and WGI tutors, included Mike Nevin, Scott Reno, Alex Entin, Jeff Bickford. 

Tang Lok -yin

Tang received her Bachelor degree in Composition at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and acquired her Master and Doctor degree in Composition at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Tang won numerous scholarships and participated in worldwide international music camps and festivals and was the recipient of Fulbright Scholarship, chosen as a visiting scholar of the Columbia University in New York City. Apart from writing music, she also engages in arrangement, performance, educational undertaking and radio broadcasting.  Since 2012, She has hosted the program “Music from China” and “Hong Kong’s modern sound” in RTHK 4. From 2016, Tang is the founder of Hong Kong International Drummer Festival. 

Tang's works achieve mastery in both Chinese and Western music, covering instrumental music, dance and operatic music. Her orchestral and chamber works have been frequently performed all over the world since 2002 including Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, China and Macao where she won critical acclaim. In 2009, Tang was commissioned by the renounced American ensemble “Bang on a Can All Stars” for their PCF Concert in April. She has also been awarded and commissioned by “Dr. Helmut Sohmen composition prize” for a symphony orchestral work commemorating the 200th anniversary of the death of Joseph Haydn. Her new work “Movements-homage to Joseph Haydn” was performed in Vienna, November 2009 and receives in Asian premiered by the Hong Kong Academy for performing Arts orchestra in Hong Kong, February 2010. 


·                Assessor, Hong Kong Arts Development Council 

·                Lecturer, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.  

·                Artistic Director, Hong Kong International Drummer Festival


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