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In Hong Kong, many of the performing arts are featured with pianist or string musicians. From the classical perspective, percussion music in Hong Kong is commonly associated with the accompaniment role in both western (Marimba or Timpani) and Chinese (Gong, Bell and Dagu) context. Beyond orchestral setting, drums are often linked to drum sets in pop/jazz music or band sound. Among all the above, drums are seldom conceived as a pure solo instrument in the performance setting. Drums however is an independent instrument not only in popular and jazz context but also a classical instrument which its techniques are no less demanding than any other music instruments.


The Drum Festival, the first of its kind, aim to achieve the followings:


1) Acts as a platform to bring together drummers from different perspectives including Drumset (Pop, Jazz, Rock), Marching Snare Drum, Timpani and Chinese Drum. Facilitate exchange between drummers from different music cultures to nourish a Hong Kong Drum Culture.


2)   Advocates drum music by series of drum clinic and masterclass conducted by different drummers including Jazz, Pop, classical, traditional Chinese, also both foreign and local drummers. Offers a platform to share and exchange drumming technique despite of their origin.


3) Host an extravaganza with internationally well known Drummers, Bands, Composers and Visual Artists to introduce the attractiveness of the drumset's timbre. Popularize Drum music in Hong Kong music scene beyond the existing context.

LokYin & Francis 
Director | Dr. Lok Yin Tang
Media & Ticketing

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