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The drum, in its many different forms or genres, is an exciting instrument that not only shines in its own unique sound and timbre, but also powerfully pulls different genres to harmony. In Hong Kong, however, the drum is often seen to play accompanying roles in orchestral settings, and beyond that, only in pop, jazz, and band sounds. The Hong Kong International Drummer Festival recognizes the potential of the drum in Hong Kong, and is the first and foremost international festival in the city to prominently feature drumming in its many variants in such diverse genres as Jazz, Pop, Classical, traditional Chinese, and World Music. Through the festival’s array of concerts and masterclasses by world-class international and Hong Kong drummers, its Asia-Pacific Drummer Competition, and year-long dynamic education and outreach programs, it aims to ultimately achieve the following goals:

1. Create a platform for drummers from different disciplines and genres to converge, and to share and exchange techniques and crafts

2. Nourish a unique Hong Kong Drum Culture by facilitating exchanges between drummers of different music cultures in the city

3. Popularize and promote drum music in Hong Kong

LokYin & Francis 
Director | Dr. Lok Yin Tang
Media & Ticketing

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