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Asia-Pacific Drummer Competition 2021


Asia-Pacific Drummer Competition Timeline
(Hong Kong Time - GMT +8)



Enrolment period 

(First round video submission)


Hong Kong Category: April 1st - September 1st (GMT+8 1700)

Asia-Pacific Category: April 1st - September 1st (GMT+8 1700)

  • After the 1st round Video submission successfully, applicants’ categories 1) 2) and 3) will receive the rudiment set pieces to be assessed in the 2nd round competition video submission.

Enrolment Close (First Round)


Hong Kong Category: September 1st

Asia-Pacific Category: September 1st

  • The 2nd round Video submission: Pick of 1 rudiment out of 3 rudiments by applicant (Scores will be provided to applicants upon video I submission successfully)

  • Submission of the 2nd round Video  (Rudiment) on or before September 28th

Preliminary Selection Results


Hong Kong Category: 4th September

Asia-Pacific Category: 4th September

  • The 1st round entry applicant list will be announced on 4th September in our website and via email to the finalists

  • The shortlisted 1st round Video will be launched in HKdrumfest channel.


(Second Round Video Submission


September 4th-28th

  • All shortlisted applicant have to submit the 2nd round video(s)

  • Cat 1), 2) and 3) Applicants pick of 1 out of 3 rudiments (Scores will be provided to applicants upon the 1st round video submission successfully) 

  • Cat 2) Applicants arrange one free drum solo within 2 minutes 

Enrolment Close (Second Round)


Hong Kong Category: September 28th

Asia-Pacific Category: September 28th

  • 3 finalist of Categories 1,2 and 3

  • Final Champion of Category 4.​

  • 23 finalists totally will be announced in the Competition Awards Ceremony,

Competition Awards Ceremony


October 31th

  • Online steaming Award Ceremony 

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