Asia-Pacific Drummer Competition 2019


Asia-Pacific Drummer Competition Timeline
(Hong Kong Time - GMT +8)



Hong Kong Category: March 1st - June 21th

Asia-Pacific Category: March 1st - June 5th

  • After sucessful submission, applicants will receive the set pieces and rudiment to be assessed in 1st round competition


Enrollment Period

Hong Kong Category: June 21th

Asia-Pacific Category: June 5th

  • Overseas participants must observe the requirement and lead time of travel visa application with their government entity.


Enrollment Close

Hong Kong Category: June 23th

Asia-Pacific Category: June 7th

  • Applicants must be selected by video audition.

  • 20 participants will be shortlisted in each category for the 1st round of competition. The result will be announced 2 days after deadline on, Facebook Page and via email to the finalists


Preliminary Selection Results

July 17th-18th

  • Random Pick of 1 out of 3 rudiments (Scores will be provided to applicants upon releasing the 1st round shortlist result) 

  • 1 song on participants' choice among 3 songs specified by HKIDF



(First Round)

July 19th

  • Single stroke (crotchet, quaver, semiquaver, demisemiquaver, triplet, sextolet)  

  • Free drum solo battle, everyone arrange one drum solo within 32 bars  

  • Trade 16/32 on styles specified by HKIDF at site, with live band accompaniment  

  • Free style original solo  


(Final Round)

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HKDrumFest Accomodation:

Spend your days around the competition venue and exchange with other drummers. Check Out the Hang Seng University Dorm for HKDrumFest participant.Over a third of the site of residential colleges is covered by green landscaping elements. Relieve your mind and forget about transportation to competition venue.

Room Rate:

HKD: 400 (each person per night)