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Asia-Pacific Drummer Competition 2021


Asia-Pacific Drummer Competition Timeline
(Hong Kong Time - GMT +8)



Enrolment period 

(First round video submission)


Hong Kong Category: Apr 1st -Sept 1st (GMT+8 1700)

Asia-Pacific Category: Apr 1st -Sept 1st (GMT+8 1700)

  • After the 1st round Video submission successfully, applicants’ categories 1) ,2) and 3) will receive the rudiment set pieces to be assessed in the 2nd round competition video submission.

  • ​​2nd round video submission is not applicable for category 4

Enrolment Close (First Round)


Hong Kong Category: September 1st

Asia-Pacific Category: September 1st

  • The 2nd round Video submission: Pick of 1 rudiment out of 3 rudiments by applicant (Scores will be provided to applicants upon video I submission successfully)

Preliminary Selection Results


Hong Kong Category: 4th September

Asia-Pacific Category: 4th September

  • The 1st round entry applicant list will be announced on 4th September in our website and via email to the finalists

  • The shortlisted 1st round Video will be launched in HKdrumfest channel.


(Second Round Video Submission)


September 4th-28th

  • All shortlisted applicant have to submit the 2nd round video(s), except for category 4. 

  • Cat 1), 2) and 3) Applicants pick of 1 out of 3 rudiments (Scores will be provided to applicants upon the 1st round video submission successfully) 

  • Cat 2) Applicants arrange one free drum solo within 2 minutes 

Enrolment Close (Second Round)


Hong Kong Category: September 28th

Asia-Pacific Category: September 28th

Top 5 Drummer shortlisted (Final Round)


October 11th-15th

  • The top five entry applicants list will be announced in 11th-15th October in our website.

  • All the 2nd round candidates will receive an email. 

Asia Pacific Drummer Competition Awards Ceremony


October 31st

  • The award ceremony will be released on the HKDrumFest YouTube channel on October 31st 7pm

  • 21 finalists of Categories 1,2 and 3 will be announced 

  • 2 Champions of Category 4.​ will be announced 

  • 23 finalists totally will be announced in the Competition Awards Ceremony,

  • The top three winners will be invited to participate in the "Asia Pacific Drummer Competition Awards Ceremony" to receive the awards on 29-30 Oct. 

  • For the winners outside of Hong Kong will be invited to share their feeling by video clips and to be published at the awards ceremony. 

  • For the winners outside of Hong Kong, the awards will be sent to the winners by mail. 

  • In the covid situation, winners’ video will be presented at the ceremony instead of live performance.



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