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AUG 2017



BYOS Ultimate Fusion @ HK 2017

是次音樂會除香港及海外樂手外,香港金像獎最佳電影配樂金培達、流行音樂人伍仲衡羅堅、多媒體創作人楊嘉輝 (Samson Young)鄧樂妍(Lokyin Tang)劉子豪等作曲家亦將發表新作,呈獻一個跨民族與國界的表演,讓這些傳統和現代的語言完美地結合起來,以深入淺出的音樂令不同口味的觀眾也能享受其中。

“此作品: Silk Gold, Windows, Ocean Stone and La Gentille Madame Chao 於 2017 年由金培達,楊嘉輝,伍仲衡羅堅委約,費用由香港作曲家及作詞家協會轄下的「CASH 音樂基金」贊助。” 





-《三国 (电视剧)》古琴演奏家王悠荻

-樂隊Kolor結他手Robin Law


-跨流派獨立鼓手Nate Wong



Together, Harvey and Ralph toured Europe and South America with the German Reggae/Pop band Seeed. They created BYOS and became YouTube sensations for the Drumming and Performing Arts communities.


Currently Mapex, Pro Mark, Evans Drumheads, and D'Addario Artists and are active at percussive events, such as PASIC, NAMM, Guitar Center's Drum Off and WGI Finals.


They performed in Dubai for a Toyota Yaris release event, performed and also taught a master class alongside John Wooton, Jeff Queen, and Jeff Prosperie at PASIC, and performed with Tony Royster Jr. at Guitar Center's Drum Off.

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