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HKIDF Yesterday...


An Entertainment and Performing Arts Duo with performances jammed packed with innovative drumming and mind-blowing tricks.

Together, Harvey and Ralph toured Europe and South America with the German Reggae/Pop band Seeed. They created BYOS and became YouTube sensations for the Drumming and Performing Arts communities.


Currently Mapex, Pro Mark, Evans Drumheads, and D'Addario Artists and are active at percussive events, such as PASIC, NAMM, Guitar Center's Drum Off and WGI Finals.


They performed in Dubai for a Toyota Yaris release event, performed and also taught a master class alongside John Wooton, Jeff Queen, and Jeff Prosperie at PASIC, and performed with Tony Royster Jr. at Guitar Center's Drum Off.

Outstanding and representative composers from Hong Kong are also joining hand-in-hand with the above performers in this exciting Festival. The team of composers includes the Best Soundtrack award-winner in the Hong Kong Film Award Peter Kam 金培達, pop music composers Harry Ng 伍仲衡 and Lincoln Lo 羅堅, multi-media composers Samson Young 楊嘉輝Tang Lok-yin 鄧樂妍 and Larry Lau 劉子豪.

“This new works : La Gentille Madame Chao, Ocean Stone, Silk Gold and Windows is commissioned by Lincoln Lo, Harry Ng, Peter Kam and Samson Young in 2017 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.” 



The originals these composers create for the Festival will manifest how classical and modern music can synergistically stimulate senses of the audience.

Featured Artists

- Snare drum duo BYOS from America

- Innovative Sheng (笙) performer Li Li-chin 李俐錦 from Taiwan

- Leading percussionist in Hong Kong Dr. Lung Heung-wing 龍向榮

- Erhu, Gaohu (二胡高胡) masters Hsin Hsiao-ling 辛小玲 and Hsin Hsiao-hung 辛小紅

- Guqin (古琴) performer Wang You-di 王悠荻 

- Pop band Kolor guitarist Robin Law 羅灝斌

- Pianist Huang Nai-wei 黃乃威

- Independent drummer Nate Wong.

BYOS Ultimate Fusion @ HK 2017


AUG 2017

Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

A Concert to Amaze You


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