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Learning STEM through #DEIA Drumming (Call for School Applications)
Learning STEM through #DEIA Drumming (Call for School Applications)

5월 11일 (토)


Application Deadline on 30 Jun 2024

Learning STEM through #DEIA Drumming (Call for School Applications)

Recruit 60 SEN students to receive training in drumming with Art Tech, including AI, coding, and AR. The 60 participants will meet and perform through a virtual AR/VR performance to conclude the project. Open for school to apply the sponsorship subsidy 30 Workshops period: Sept 2024 to July 2025

Time & Location

2024년 5월 11일 오전 8:30

Application Deadline on 30 Jun 2024

About the event

a. Music connects to multiple human senses and is an effective medium for SEN students to explore and understand multiple STEM concepts. By incorporating music into STEM education, thus STEAM, students would understand STEM principles through hands-on activities that involve auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning. These activities also encourage the development of one’s cognitive skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning.

b. STEAM education has become a necessary knowledge base and skillset of our daily life. Music is an art form that is comparatively easier to handle than the other conventional art forms. Through tailor-made music-oriented activities and project materials, both SEN students and the ambassador-trainers can acquire the knowledge and skill in STEAM, covering AI, AR and VR.

c. Drumming will be used as one primary musical learning element of this STEAM education project because rhythmic drumming stimulates all senses easily and instantly. STEM integration allows the use of technology in drumming training. These technologies provide visual and auditory feedback, allow students to practice and explore drumming techniques at their own pace.

d. Drumming involves the understanding and execution of rhythmic patterns and allows instant feedback of the accuracy of execution. STEM concepts such as pattern recognition, sequencing, and mathematical relationships can be applied to analyze and break down complex rhythms into more manageable components. Drumming helps SEN students develop a systematic understanding of these STEM concepts.

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