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2016  节日

Color x Motion II - Ultimate

It is an unconventional and sparkling trio, a platform for exploration and interaction between digital technology, the musicians, the visual artist and the audience. The trio assimilates a wide spectrum from Chinese folk, electronic, glitch beat to minimal.
Ultimately bringing jazz improvisation, innovation, driving rhythms and stylistic evolution to the Hong Kong audience.

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“commissioned by Sonority Music Studio in 2016 with sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.”_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_     _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_     
『该作品于2016年由Sonority Music Studio委托,收费由香港作曲家及作词家协会赞助下的「CASH音乐基金」赞助。』

委托曲目: 《相关》、《螺旋之美》、《尘埃螺旋》、《耳语与耳语》、 《Earthy Ultimate》

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer, known for his international session work on a wide variety of genres such as rock, pop, jazz, and heavy metal. He has completed the largest drum clinic tour in the world in 2004, a total of 220 clinics in 46 countries. He also held educational “Drumming Bootcamps” annually.

• Best Drummer Since 1999 to present, Best studio drummer (Rhythm Magazine)

• 2002 - Best Drummer (Drums and Percussion magazine)

• 2003 - Best Clinician (Modern Drummer Magazine)

• 2005 - Best pop drummer, Best Solo drum performance, Best Clinician, (Rhythm Magazine)

• 2007 to 2008 Best Clinician (Modern Drummer Magazine)

Suonaist - Yazhi Guo

World renowned Suona player graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, China in
1990 and invented the "Flexible Reed" for Suona, allowing the instrument to cover 12-tone
within an octave. Guo collaborated with numerous orchestras and pop song artists and
performed in movie soundtracks and also taught in the Central Conservatory of Music, China,
and Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

• 1998 - Pro Musicis International Award

• 1999 to 2011 - Principal Suonaist in Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

• 2012 - Artist of the Year from the Hong Kong Artist Development Council

Elect. Music/Composer - Lok-yin Tang

Achieve mastery in both Chinese and Western music, covering instrumental music, dance and
operatic music. Tang’s music has been frequently performed around the world, with a brilliant
track record of prizes and awards to her credit.

“Ms Tang’s textures are transparent enough that even when several levels of the chase seem to be
happening at once…. fluidly contrapuntal piece” New York Times, April 5, 2009

• 2007 - ACL Yoshiro IRINO Memorial Prize in Asian Pacic Festival (Japan)

• 2007 - 1st prize of Asian Pacic Festival Composer Composition Competition (New Zealand)

• 2008 - Fulbright Scholar (US) at New York Columbia University

• 2009 - Dr. Helmut Sohmen composition prize (Vienna)

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